Monday, May 3, 2010


UJ billboards were everywhere when they launched. Did you have a chance to see them? Uniqlo ads are so chic now, Tao Okamoto looked so amazing in the UJ campaign. I used to not like Uniqlo jeans because the seam would hit right on my hip bones and it hurt a lot. But imagine my surprise when I went to the store and saw this:

First of all, wow, the variety. They had chemical wash, colored jeans, everything. I couldn't help trying on a pair and surprisingly, the jeans didn't hurt. The material was really soft and light than the previous jeans and I ended up buying a pair of chemical wash jeans.
This is from the UJ catalog. From left, the different shades they have and the different styles. On top of this UJ has a monthly collection, which means new styles are released every month. I remember I sort of wanted J Brand jeans a while ago but now I'd prefer having more styles (inexpensive ones!) than one super expensive pair. What about you guys?
カタログの中身より。UJは毎月新しいスタイルをリリースするそうです。一時期J Brandなど高いジーンズが流行りましたが、ジーンズに関しては安めでたくさんのスタイルを履く方が個人的に好きかな。



tao okamoto is amazing, she is so gorgeous :) i've actually never heard of UJ! but it sounds and looks fantastic ♥ have a lovely week

Clare said...

Ahhh I love Uniqlo! They always have the best adverts...

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Clara said...

love the previous pics
lovely blog!

Mumbles said...

I think I've never seen that brand here
I'm looking for the perfect pair of jeans, they always get too big when I wear them a few times

marley mumbles

Carla~カルラ~ said...

I want that magazine! lol
but My favorite magazine is BLENDA!! along with EGG (for some reason. IDK)

CCWai said...

Looks like they've made some improvements with their jeans. I don't really wear jeans, but I really like UNIQLO's singlets and comfortable jackets.

Anonymous said...

Great post!

kumar said...

nice outfit looks great

Vinda Sonata said...

yes, can't agree more with you! i prefer many styles with inexpensive prices than a very expensive pair. that's such an amazing store!

and tao okamoto for the campaign is just wow. i love her and her signature bowl hair <3 what a cutie!