Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mixed Matched Media ✕ Tokyo Identity

One of the things I wish I was good at is art. Going to a museum is one of my favorite things to do and I think art history is fascinating, but I just can't put my thoughts and inspirations in a drawing or painting.
So I was really excited when the talented CC Wai of Mixed Matched Media offered to translate my concept and ideas into a drawing for my blog! If you haven't seen her blog, definitely go have a look. The Vivienne Westwood and Miu Miu are some of my favorites, I love how she captures each collection perfectly but still adds a touch of her own uniqueness.
そんな私と正反対なCC Waiさんが私のコンセプトを元に絵を書いてくださる、と言ってくれました!CC Waiさんのブログはいつも素敵な絵や写真でいっぱい。特に好きなのは、コレクションからインスパイアされた絵。そのブランドの個性を再現しつつ、CC Waiさんの独特の絵に仕上がっています。

mintdesigns, maothu photos from Fashion Snap
It was hard for me to think of an idea, but I definitely knew I wanted the drawing to be set in Tokyo and for the girl to have a bob. This is a photo I sent to her for reference. I love how time seems to be passing slowly on this street, despite it being right in Tokyo. CC Wai suggested that she refer to some of my past posts for inspiration, and to my surprise, she drew two of my favorite pieces from the mintdesigns and matohu collection!
とりあえず描いて頂く絵は東京の設定、そして絵の中の女の子はボブがいいと思いました。でも久しぶりに絵のアイディアを考えようとすると、意外と難しい...CC Waiさんの提案で私が東京で好きな場所の写真を送ることに。写真は書いてある通り、夕方のキャットストリート。なんだかここに行くと落ち着き、そして色々な意味で思い出深い場所です。

Isn't it gorgeous? I think she captured the atmosphere of the street perfectly, and the vibrant colors are so beautiful. & I can't get over how stylish the threesome look. I love that all three of the girls have bobs, but how the color and styling fits their personality and outfit. Really cool to see my ideas, combined with CC Wai's, come to life.
A huge thank you to CC Wai for this amazing drawing and a wonderful experience!
これが私のアイディアをベースにCC Waiさんが描いてくださった絵。色の使い方や雰囲気の捉え方、全てにおいて本当に素敵な絵に仕上がっていますよね。女の子たちは全員ボブだけど、髪の色やスタイリングがコーディネートにぴったりで、3人とも個性的。mintdesignsのヘットピースを少し控えめにして、町でもつけられそうになっているところもツボです。
一緒にコンセプトを考えたりするのもすごく楽しかったです。CC Waiさん、本当にありがとうございます!



oh wow! how cool :) she has a lovely blog, as do you!

Martwa Marta said...

i visit cc wai blog as well - she produces such amazing and vibrant sketches!

Marinka said...

i LOVE her sketches too, her blog is so nice too..Thanks for sharing :D

heart charlie said...

Wow! This is awesome! I love how you were able to collaborate with her on such a fun project ;) I love the clothing the girls are wearing in the drawing ;) I also love that photo of harajuku at 5 o'clock. That is awesome and makes me want to visit!

Berlin said...

Konichiwa =)

I visit CC Wai too, her illustrations are full of vivid colors! Very lovely.

I like your blog. Had fun reading the 'Ghibli Museum in Mitaka' post. I might go to Japan this year, and I hope I can visit Ghibli museum too =)

Will be back to visit your lovely blog.

Having burger in space,

Mumbles said...

how are you?
she has a lovely blog
I wish I could draw better than I do

marley mumbles

CCWai said...

Thanks for the compliment Kiyo, I'm glad you like it!

Kim said...

Oh perfect! It's almost impressionist (: I love it!

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

Her sketches are beautiful!

I love love the use of colour in them!!

Char x

Carmen said...

The drawing is lovely, I love the hair!


Clare said...

I love museums, cute drawing too!

tweet tweet tweet


robin humphrey said...

beautiful sketch!

style said...

lovely blog looks cute

fhen said...

oh that's so lovely!
hope you're doing great


pilcuis said...

omg the bob.. the city those girls are perfect

Love the drawing Kiyo, really!!
I'm going to visit the blog


such a magical world for me Kiyo!

SabinePsynopsis said...

I love the picture, she has translated your inspiration beautifully (and am I the only one seeing a bit of Toulouse-Lautrec heren - modern Asian style?). Love CC Wai's blog, too!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

That illustration is gorgeous, she's incredibly talented.

Berlin said...

You are most welcomed =)

And, thank you for your comment, I always appreciate comments that explain what people think about my designs.

I will definitely try to visit Ghibli Museum when I go to Japan.

Awaiting your new post.

Happy 11:58AM from Malaysia,

Winnie said...

Oh wow, her interpretation is really wonderful! The colours are so moody and emotional, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely picture!

Melmo said...

Wonderful!!!! wow. this is si awesome. I'd love to draw like htat!

mel said...

i aboslutely love her artwork she is amazing! yours wil also be so fabulous i know for sure, good luck lovely

Vinda Sonata said...

great pics, kiyo! love the harajuku street shot, and the illustration. they're very inspiring!! how are you? :)


Japan just beat Camarões at world cup in africa!!!!


Mumbles said...

I love art too, I wish I could draw really well, but I'm not that good at drawing
nice pictures, she's catching the atmosphere in there
hope you're having a nice week




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I do wish the best for Japan at the world cup!


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