Saturday, January 30, 2010

G-tokyo 2010

Today I went to see G-tokyo 2010, an art fair consisting of 15 galleries at Mori Art Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills.
今日は15のギャラリーが参加しているアートフェア、G-tokyo 2010を見に行ってきました。六本木ヒルズの森アーツセンターギャラリーにて。

According to the official website, this art fair aims to rethink what really makes art special, what it means to live with art and purchase art. Because art is accessible to many of us today, maybe now is the time to reconsider the true essence of art.

Some of the postcards I picked up at the exhibit. I like going to exhibits where many galleries are gathered because it's a great opportunity to see a variety of artwork at one time. 
Some of my favorites:
Tatsuo Miyajima (On display: C.F.Lifestructurism series)
Kohei Nawa (The link takes you directly to the artwork on display)
宮島達男 (展示作品: C.F.Lifestructurism series)
名和晃平 (展示されていた作品にリンクしてます)

G-tokyo 2010 unfortunately is one very short art fair--it ends tomorrow! So if you're in the area, hurry and stop by tomorrow!
残念ながらG-tokyo 2010は明日までです!東京近郊にいる方はぜひ見に行ってみてください。

Mori Art Center Gallery
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 53F
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-Ku
Exhibit: ~1/31, 11:00-20:00

展示:~1/31, 11:00-20:00


Vinda Sonata said...

japan has some of the coolest buildings i've ever seen. i really like the postcards too. the layouts are almost perfect! thanks for sharing! :)

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Cool photos!

Tina said...

Cool, that spider-thing is rather unpleasant though!

heart charlie said...

Wow! Amazing! I wish I could go to this arts fair ;)

Victoire said...

I want to go to japan so badly! this exhibit sounds so interesting and would be such a great help for my art project. wish i could go :(


Martwa Marta said...

this exhibit must have been very interesting! i have to admit, that i would like to visit japan... did i mention that you take nice photos?

pilcuis said...

wow amazing pics :)

I wish I could live in Tokyo as you

Wendy said...

Looks so cool. You are so lucky to live in Tokyo.

beautifulnemo said...

Oh thank you so much for your comments, you can't imagine how they make me happy. :)
I'm glad you liked how I used Japanese and Italian for the name of my blog. They both are important for me so I wanted to transmit it there too. :)

I love all your pics.

Have a nice week!!

TheMinx said...

these are awesome. And I'm so jealous that you live in Tokyo! I'm from New York but Tokyo's the place I want to visit most in the world.


i love that spider!

kelsea said...

i love those postcards....and the spider!! ^_^

i followed and linked you by the way. if you are interested, would you like to be interviewed for my blog? let me know!!

Patty Ann said...

roppongi!!! i've been there i took a picture pretending to run away from the spider. and i like the rose too! hahaha

Patty Ann