Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Selected works from NORITAKA TATEHANA's 2010 Artisan Collection and Hotel Gluttony's 2010 Royal Suite Collection is on display at combine Daikanyama.
NORITAKA TATEHANAの2010 Artisan CollectionとHotel Gluttony(ホテル・グラトニー)の2010 Royal Suite Collectionがcombine Daikanyamaで展示されています。

NORITAKA TATEHANA is a Tokyo based designer, and this collection consists of his handmade dresses, handbags, and shoes. His skyscraping shoes like the one above were especially incredible. 
Hotel Gluttony is a "lifestyle brand that images styles of people who gather at [the] fictional 'Hotel Gluttony'". Pieces from Hotel Gluttony might look familiar, as Lady Gaga has worn it for a Vogue Hommes Japan editorial.
NORITAKA TATEHANAは東京を拠点とするデザイナー。このコレクションは手作りのドレス、ハンドバッグ、靴などがあります。特に上の写真のような靴がとても印象的でした。
Hotel Gluttony(ホテル・グラトニー)は”架空のホテルに集う人々のスタイルをイメージしたライフスタイルブランド”。あのLady GagaがVogue Hommes Japanのエディトリアルで着用したブランドです。

The exhibit itself is small, so I recommend eating there too (combine Daikanyama is a restaurant/bar with an exhibit space). They had a whole list of desserts that I would love to try.
展示自体は小さいので、そこでお食事もするのがおすすめ(combine Daikanyamaは展示スペールがあるレストラン/バー)。食べてみたいデザートがいっぱいありました。

NORITAKA TATEHANA & Hotel Gluttony Exhibition
Phone: 03-3770-3309
Exhibit: 2/7~2/21, 12:00 (PM)-4:00 (AM)

NORITAKA TATEHANA & Hotel Gluttony Exhibition
展示:2/7~2/21, 12:00 (PM)-4:00 (AM)


pilcuis said...

I know I have say it like fifteen times but I love your blog, I will love to live in Tokyo as you!!

I love the mask, I have seen it in other editorials is gorgeous so expressive

the guilty hyena said...

If I lived near by I would have certainly paid a visit to the exhibition. His past work is fab for Yoshika Creation Paris. =]

Ash Fox said...

love that pic of gaga.


jack bespoke said...

hmm that hotel gluttony exhibition looks like quite a time!

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Mai said...

love the first pair of pictures!

heart charlie said...

Wow...these are stunning photos! I have never heard of NORITAKA TATEHANA, I am so excited to learn about him, it looks like it was an amazing show, thank you for sharing!

jessica wu said...

these pictures are amazing!
the mask took my breath away too! :D


I'm Heraid said...

Lady Gaga's style is so refreshingly different, I always wonder where she gets her pieces from... & now I know. Noritaka Tatehana!