Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seeing Double

Today I indulged myself with two magazines, InRed and SO-EN (my favorite). Musician Sheena Ringo is on the cover of InRed and singer Kaela Kimura is on the cover of SO-EN. Now I think we all know that stripes are going to be everywhere this S/S season, and unique trousers have been popular too. 

But even so, I was surprised to see practically the same styling on the cover of the two magazines! The striped shirt and accessories are quite different, but the jeans are from the same brand, FACETASM.


Sheena Ringo is older than Kaela Kimura, thus the more simple and polished style with heels. The younger Kaela Kimura's styling is more fun and playful, with big ribbons, necklaces, and star-print shoes. I think the styling fits their personality and age, but which do you prefer?


H K said...

Haha I love the coincidence! I love the Kaela styling more I must say. It has to do with the extra accessories.
Wow I love those trousers/jeans!

kelsea said...

i personally love the one on the left. but i do like the smaller stripes better


The stripes are so cool, so great that them both featured the same style! I guess it is coming strong!

all my kisses and wishes of a great weekend Kiyo!

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

i would love to understand your language! :)
nice photos!
thanks for your comment, i follow u back :)

eLLy* said...

What a great denim! I've never seen those before! They both look great but in reality, I think Shiina's more masculine style is the kind that most people would be more comfortable with. Kaela has more of a kawaii vibe and the stylist has definatelly add more into it with little touches like the bow. CUTE!

Mai said...

i love the one on the left!
and I have just seen the spider in one photograph from an old post and the fact is that we have the same spider in Bilbao, near the Guggenheim!

June Paski said...

I lovee so-en magazine soooo much, I always read it every month, I've got lot of inspiration from it!

thanks for the award love!


Sushi said...

Haha the bunny ear headband thing is too cute! x Sushi

heart charlie said...

Love the style photos (sheena ringo) with the stripes and the super wide leg denim, awesome look!