Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JFW in Tokyo 2010: Part 2

The theme of this collection was to cut out a piece of daily life. Mixing sharp jackets, blazers, and shirts with baggy sports inspired pants and shorts, this was a very wearable, simple but chic collection.

To me, the fictional girl this brand creates is kind of the person one would want to talk to and get to know. This season designers Steve Hall and Yurika Ohara were inspired by Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel. The tighter side braids gives a totally different feel than the loose braids seen at Alexander Wang and the way the braids were incorporated into prints and scarves were unique.
IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARAが生み出す女の子がすごく好きです。前回のコレクションを見ても感じたけど、この架空の女の子と話してみたい、会ってみたいと思っちゃいます。今回はグリム童話ラプンツェルを元とした「LONG HAIR PRINCESS (髪長姫)」がテーマ。IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARAが描くお姫様は少しお転婆なのかな?来シーズンも楽しみ。

With the title of the show being "The Japanese Eye Part 1", this was a show that valued traditional Japanese aesthetics. I love the way they put color together and the bright wigs work really well with the styling.

All photos from Fashion Snap


Martwa Marta said...

fantastic post!!!!

Nina said...

Japanese designers are the bomb!

Vinda Sonata said...

wow, i'm so excited seeing all of them. love the different vibe japanese designers have compared to western ones! all of them are great. sise make very edgy designs! <3

by the way, just watched discovered in ftv yesterday. you're right Kiyo, the designs are totally cool!

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

greaaaat !

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