Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JFW in Tokyo 2010: Part 3

fur fur

fur fur does volume-y lace-y dresses the best. The boyish sneakers or simple flats balance them out and makes them wearable. According to Fashion Snap, there was a live violin performance for the BGM. I imagine that fur fur would be a really fun show to go see.
fur furのボリュームたっぷりでフェミニンなドレスをVANSやシンプルなバレエフラットとあわせているのが絶妙。ショーではバイオリンの生演奏があったらしく、fur furのショーは生て見ると面白そう!という印象を受けました。


Maybe it's just me, but I feel like I saw a lot of monochromatic styles for men so it was refreshing to see warm brown tones and knits. The fallen leaves add a great effect too!

tiny dinosaur
tiny dinosaur had a variety of looks, from simple, to prints inspired by foam/bubbles, and unique shoes. I especially want to take a closer look at the two women's shoes here!
装苑のショッピングサイトでここのスカートを見つけてから、ずっと気になっていたtiny dinosaur。今回はシンプルなものから色鮮やかなもの、泡のプリント、個性的な靴など、とても見応えがありました。特にこの二つの女性用の靴が気になる...!

All photos by Fashion Snap


Clara said...

wow. amazing post
your blog is great!

H K said...

I loooove the first set (fur fur), especially how the flats and sneakers make it wearable. Definitely what I would go for.

I really like your coverage of JFW, keep it up!

Eep how expensive is expensive for magazines? The Vogue Italia was fairly pricey, I probably could have bought a dress for it's price haha.

Anonymous said...

great collections, thanks for posting!!

Melmo said...

i love the fur looks. these girls are so gorgoeus.

Victoire said...

I love these collections!! Are these korean designers? amazing creations


Anonymous said...

Great photos!:)

mumbles said...

I've never seen jfw, but it looks great,
I like those clothes from the second show, nice

CCWai said...

Violin performance at fur fur? That sounds interesting. I love their pieces. Tiny dinosaur seems to have a unique collection too.

pilcuis said...

Japanese people are so talented i admire them so much!!

the guilty hyena said...

I wished the JFW got more coverage, the fur flats looks,look funkdafied and playful and chic! My fave :)