Wednesday, March 24, 2010

high fashion The 50th Anniversary

One of the special events for Japan Fashion Week this season is the exhibit "high fashion The 50th Anniversary" which I briefly mentioned here. It's a small exhibit but I'm really glad I went to see it today. This exhibit explores the 50 years of fashion using photographs and articles from the magazine.
My favorite was the editorials from the 1960s. It was my first time seeing older Japanese editorials and they were gorgeous! It was great seeing beautiful Japanese models with traditional features, something that's rare these days. Also on display was the very first issue of high fashion (which cost $1) and the personal photographs and schedule book of journalist Ikuko Fujii, who reported straight from Paris for the magazine for 33 years.
It's sad that high fashion will stop printing but the good news is that high fashion online will launch on April 1! I still believe that magazines are special, something that will be different from the internet (not better, just different). But I'm happy that the magazine will be continued in some way and can't wait to see what the site looks like!
この記事でもちらっと触れた、「high fashionに見るファッションの50年」が「東京発 日本ファッションウィーク」のスペシャルイベントとして開催されています。
チラシにも書いてあったように、本当に50年間のファッションの変遷が感じられて、とても興味深かったです。またhigh fashionが日本のファッション、特に創刊時の60年代においてすごく大きな存在だったのだろうと実感。そして日本のファッション界とずっと一緒に歩んできたんだ、という印象。
この展示はファッションの50年ということで、様々な時代のhigh fashionが見れます。私は古い日本のファッション誌を見たことがなかったので、60年代のエディトリアルが見れて嬉しかったです。他にはhigh fashionの創刊号(お値段360円/$1)や33年間パリに滞在し、パリのモードを取材した藤井郁子氏の写真やスケジュール帳が展示されていました。
high fashionの休刊は残念でさみしいけど、4月1日からハイファッション・オンラインがスタートします!もちろん誌面として復活してほしい気持ちもあるし、雑誌はインターネットと違う良さがあると思うけど、high fashionが何らかの形で続いていくのは嬉しいです。どんなサイトなのか、期待が高まります。
I leave you with images of the latest issue, which is excellent if I may say. Left, COMME des GARCONS. Right, Kenzo.
最後に最新号から。左、COMME des GARCONS・右、Kenzo

high fashion The 50th Anniversary
Pola Museum Annex
1-7-7 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Pola Ginza Building 3rd Floor
TEL: 03-3563-5501
Exhibit : 3/22-3/28, 11:00-19:00 (until 17:00 on 3/28)
Admission Free

high fashionに見るファッションの50年
TEL: 03-3563-5501
展示 : 3/22-3/28, 11:00-19:00 (最終日は17:00まで)


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THANK YOU so much for my award!!! I am new to the blog community, and this means so much! Thank you!!

I love your post, I wish I could have gone to the event, I want to visit Japan!!!!

Vinda Sonata said...

another lovely post! the magazine is interesting. well, i'm glad they're continuing things online. the shots rock! wish i could magically be in tokyo to see the exhibition ;)

CCWai said...

Oh my! High Fashion is not completely gone? I'm so happy to hear that. Thanks for sharing this piece of information!
Love your blog!

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thank you for that lovely comment!! =)
high fashion exhibition sounds amazing, i really like your opinion on it!

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lovely post! the magazine seems to be interesting and again i'm rereting that tokyo is so far from me!

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i first found out about the high fashion exhibit through your blog! and it really made me want to im gna go tomorrow with a friend :D :D

thanks for sharing~

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this sounds so interesting!!

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hi again kiyo..
this exhibition sounds great. i'm curious about it and about fashion in japan..
thanx for sharing dear..

about ur comment in my previous post, u do right.the problems is how to say. but ur english is pretty well..

i really wanna go to Japan.. <3

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ohhh honestly? im so jealous now... no actions like this one are here in Prague now. poor me:D:D
hope u enjoyed it! it really look great!
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H K said...

Nice find! How do you always keep up with all these goings on?
I lovelovelove Comme des Garcons ♥