Thursday, April 1, 2010

JFW in Tokyo 2010: Final Look

So this concludes my JFW posts...Though I couldn't post these during the actual fashion week, I wanted to show some of my favorites on this blog.
Hopefully you enjoyed reading these and seeing all the amazing collections. Writing about JFW enabled me to look more closely at Japanese fashion, which I'd never really done before.
Japan is famous for its streetstyle, but not many bloggers post about fashion weeks and/or collections. I thought it would be a nice change to introduce another aspect of Japanese fashion. Thanks for all the lovely comments and as always, I'd love to hear your opinions and thoughts!

Backstage at matohu, photos from ChangeFashion


CL, said...

ah i love japanese designers, they are so eccentric, fresh and fierce! my favourites are issey miyake & akira isogawara & rei kawakubo :) gorgeous blog!

CL, said...

sorry, i meant akira *isogawa! i love that dress in the first photo :) happy easter ♥

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

i really enjoy these posts:) so interesting! i think japanese fashion is very nice and original in its own way and i LOVE IT! :)

Clare said...

The last image is just beautiful. Thanks for keeping us up to date with JFW!

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SabinePsynopsis said...

Love how she walks off in her beautiful tie-dyed dress.

pilcuis said...

omg!! the colors in this last dress is a dream come true!! beautiful :)

M. said...

that dress<3 so pretty!

lovelove, M.

Anonymous said...

japanese on fashion is so creative. they can put anything oh their bodies and those always looks fabulous, unique and eccentric on them. that's why people in other country always keep their aye on japanese fashion and they sometimes adapt japanese style on their fashion style..

love the post as always kiyo, thanx for sharing..

heart charlie said...

These are just amazing. Simply breathtaking. That second photo makes my heart skip a beat ;)

CCWai said...

I have been looking at your posts about the JFW and loved each of them. They really exposed me to more Japanese fashion, which makes your blog special. Do keep up!

Anonymous said...

So amazing!:)


so great!
I love the dye effect and also the models' hair! Japonese style is really so fun and playful and it is the most cool thing about it!

love the post Kiyo!!



Melmo said...

I think it's great to hear more about japanese fashion shows etc!