Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lady Gaga in Tokyo

Though I actually don't regularly listen to Lady Gaga's music, I really admire her aesthetic and how she is truly passionate about fashion. Lady Gaga was in Japan this past weekend for The Monster Ball Tour but also appeared on popular TV show Music Station and also performed at a secret show hosted by M·A·C.
I can't find any photos of her at Music Station and the videos on You Tube have been deleted already...but for both Music Station and the secret show, she wore a lot (if not most) of pieces from Japanese designers. I love that she wore Japanese designers because I don't feel like many Japanese musicians/actors/etc. support young, independent designers.

Lady Gaga wore a lace bodysuit from SOMARTA's (briefly mentioned here) 2nd Skin Series for both Music Station and the secret show.
ミュージックステーションでもシークレットライブでもSOMARTA(ここで軽く触れてます)2nd Skin Seriesのレースのボディースーツを着用。

Photo from SOMARTA
At Music Station, she wore a black version that was sparkly and less see-through than this one. According to, the body suit is decorated with 20 thousand Swarovski crystal beads and takes 5 months to complete!

Photo from Lady Gaga's Twitter
Some of you may remember seeing a similar design from this post here. These are from NORITAKA TATEHANA, and Lady Gaga wore them on Music Station and posted a photo on her Twitter.
ミュージックステーションやレディ・ガガのツィッターでも見かけたこの黒い靴も日本のブランド。以前紹介したNORITAKA TATEHANAのものです。

These shoes were custom made for Lady Gaga. I feel lucky that I had the chance to see his collection in person!

To see more of these designers:


Martwa Marta said...

although i am not a big lady gaga fan, i admire her outrageous style! she sometimes copy things from other celebs, but still she looks awesome!

SabinePsynopsis said...

I’m quite a Lady Gaga fan because I find there is something raw and honest about her. It’s quite considerate of her to wear Japanese designers when in Japan. I’ve read of Somarta and was totally intrigued by their lace body suits.

pigtails and blushing cheeks said...

Lady Gaga is always absolute perfection, love her to bits!!! those shoes are WICKED.

Amie said...

The bodysuits are gorgeous!
I love how Gaga is always entertaining us with creative, conceptual outfits. Sometimes her outfits are so crazy, but when I hear her talk about the concept behind it, I like it a lot more.

CL, said...

fabulous post! i love lady gaga, she's so unique & always eccentric :)


Wow, your so lucky :]
I like to listen Lady Gaga's music but that's all..what can I say she really dares..with fashion.

& i loove Tokyo ^^


Anonymous said...

im not much of a a fan of her music but i completely respect her, she looks awesome

Anonymous said...

Great post!

bekster said...


Clare said...

She does always look fantastically mental, in a good way!

Love from Tweet


Hiroko said...

I love her outfit, sometimes it seems really obnoxious the things she wears but I appreciate that she wears what she likes and challenges what we expect.
The body suits is quite nice and I really love those shoes! I've seen them a few places like in some editorials, they seem so amazing, I'd love to own a pair, I have no idea how walking in them would work though!

Love this post :D

Jess said...

I'm the same - I think she's an amazing entertainer and admire her gutsyness but I'm not the biggest fan of her music either. Those shoes are insanee but perfect for Gaga :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing design! Can she walk in those shoes???

June Paski said...

she look pretty in these photos!


CCWai said...

Looks like Lady Gaga's invading Japan. I love the shoes. They look amazing but.... I wonder how did it become 3D.
So lucky you got to see the collection in person!

Kate said...

She looks amazing. I always love what she wears.

kumar said...

hi kiyo

how are you

i like Lady Gaga's music she looks hot also, great music with great figure

cool ha

take care have a great day

Anonymous said...


Mumbles said...

I don't usually listen to lady gaga's music, but she seems to be so nice, you know, wearing japanese designers' clothes for the show, not everybody does that, and she seems to be so nice with all her fans

marley mumbles